Subliminal Communication Test

Back in the day when my research was going hot and heavy my team of students and I put together a test to measure a person’s subliminal communication qualities.

It measured several things in detail and required a trained test administrator and computer scoring. It was a thing of beauty and contributed mightily to our subliminal research.

I have recently taken the test and its data and devised a new, self-administered and self-scoring subliminal communication test. It is called the Subliminal Communication Test II. Not a catchy title, I’ll admit. But it is a beauty nonetheless. For shortness we call it SubComII.

SubComII measures three distinct areas of subliminal communication:

  • Subliminal perception. This is important for obvious reasons related to the very concept of communication. You are communicating in the dark if you cannot read or perceive what others are sending out.
  • Subliminal persuasion. How well can you, and how much do you subconsciously want, to be subliminally persuasive.
  • Subliminal dissuasion. It is possible to dissuade as much as persuade and most people — untrained people, that is — have a tendency to do a lot of dissuading. Even though they are consciously unaware of doing it.

These are all areas that can be improved with training, of course. Otherwise it would be pointless for non-researchers to measure them.

SubComII is in the final editing phase and will be available shortly in both PDF and printed (paper) versions.

Let me know if you’d like to be notified by email when it is available. (Look up at the blue ribbon above and you’ll see an envelope icon with an email address. Press the icon and you can send me an email.)

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