All-In Caregiving

“The book older parents want their adult children to read”

Chock full of essential information for everyone with parents who need care.

  • Keep parents safely at home
  • What’s coming and how to deal with it
  • Medical treatments you must understand
  • Advance directives to stay in control
  • Four big secrets of caregiving
  • Ten hazards of hospitalization
  • Being assertive with doctors

For more information please click to the All-In Caregiving website. ISBN 978-1-947354-06-7

All-In Selling

The stuff that dreams are made of!

all-in selling by charles henderson
  • Subliminal intercourse and negotiation
  • The power of the silent whisper
  • The power of blindsight (yes, blindsight)
  • Remove unconscious income limits

Master the Art of Subliminal Persuasion

  • Three main categories of subliminal communication
  • Hidden facial messages
  • Substitute real thinking for positive thinking


Subliminal Communication Test

Subliminal Communication Test II

Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want

self-hypnosis by charles henderson

Charles Henderson is a noted clinician and neuroscience researcher. Mind scientists from around the world consistently acclaim his work as one of the best books ever written for the non professional.

It is the result of decades of research with literally thousands of research participants.

This is a systematic method for the development of self-hypnosis for personal and professional development. It emphasizes the alignment of subconscious needs with conscious objectives. This results in suggestions of immense power because they remove subconscious resistance. It includes methods to improve persuasion and influence through subliminal communication, and how to control one’s own responses to the subliminal communication of others.

You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis