All-In Caregiving

all in caregiving book by Christine klotz

A Guide for the Care of Aging Parents

    by Christine Klotz
ISBN: 978-1-947354-06-7 (paper)    At better bookstores   978-1-947354-07-4 (ebook)
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You likely became a family caregiver by need, not choice. Now that you are one you want to know how to handle the role. You are willing to help but you know you have a lot to learn. Plus, being a family caregiver takes stamina, patience, insight, compassion, knowledge and time. All-In Caregiving is a practical resource to help you be prepared for this new role.

What do your parents need from you? How can you help them stay safe but also continue to live the way they want to live? You want to support their personal choices for life, but you’re not sure how to go about that. All-In Caregiving shows you how to know what is important to your parents and what isn’t. So you can help them live the life they want to live.

• Prepare yourself to be the kind of caregiver you really want to be.
• Help your elderly parent when faced with care decisions.
• Protect your loved one from potential hazards of hospital and medical care.
• Know that you can make the decisions your parents would choose for themselves.

“It’s the book older parents wish their adult children would read!”

The all-in prepared caregiver knows what to expect and how to make the right decisions for parents who need help. All-In Caregiving shows how to deal with and care for the health and wellbeing of an elderly loved one. The wealth of information in this book gives a caregiver the confidence to make the right decisions and avoid the wrong ones.

The author, a nationally recognized expert in care of the elderly, takes much of the guesswork and anxiety out of caregiving. She shows the unpaid family caregiver what to do to be prepared and confidently take care of a loved one.

Christine Klotz
Christine Klotz

Christine Klotz has a long career working with older adults and their families. She began as an occupational therapist, became Director of Marketing for National Jewish Hospital, was chief executive in the start-up of two Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), and was CEO of Senior Health Partners of New York City. She currently serves on the boards of directors for several non-profit organizations devoted to the health and welfare of older adults.