Better memory with one simple trick

There are people in this world who can remember just about anything. I am not one of them, and you may not be, either. But there are things we can do to improve memory, even make it look like those lucky few who remember everything without much effort. In other words, there are tricks to… Continue reading Better memory with one simple trick

Resentment Culture and The Ignoble Third

Everyone who gives any thought to their existence knows that polarization has reached crisis levels in the Western world. Things are broken and it is sometimes difficult to know what isn’t going to work next. What’s going on? many wonder. It doesn’t seem to have been that long ago that there was at least a… Continue reading Resentment Culture and The Ignoble Third

Subconscious inquiry with ideomotor questioning

The subconscious part of the mind is far more powerful and influential than consciousness (the part we think we think with). Yet most people know little about it. Access this part of the mind with ideomotor questioning. The subconscious mind controls more of our lives than most people realize. Dreams, unbidden thoughts, overpowering mental impulses,… Continue reading Subconscious inquiry with ideomotor questioning

The article on modifying the ResMed face mask has been moved to

ResMed instructions for removal of head strap. Getting ready to improve the P10 nasal pillows head strap to make it adjustable.

The purpose of this article is to show how one user of the ResMed CPAP P10 nose mask made the head straps adjustable, cut down the size of the harness to keep the top and back straps apart through the night, and added padding to prevent face lines.

10 Rules for Hypnosis Practice

Self-hypnosis is an immensely powerful and positive force. It will make it easier for you to achieve anything you set your mind to. You can be better at anything once you know how to use self-hypnosis. Here are ten easy rules to help you develop self-hypnosis to be the way you want.

Stress management and the Covid-19 pandemic

Stress management is especially important during these trying times. Here is an easy method guaranteed to bring stress under control and have you feeling better and more in control of your life.


In a cute trick of nature, our immensely impressive biology has evolved a brain smart enough to reflect on itself. After three million years of brain expansion we have become creatures with consciousness and we know it.