1 Willpower Done Wrong
1.1 The Skill of Will
1.2 Willpower as Muscle
1.3 Then a Miracle Occurs
1.4 Willpower Problem Solved

2 Socrates’ Mystery

3 Bicameral Resonance

4 The Way to Self Control
4.1 21-day Rule
4.2 Forget Biorhythms

5 Hidden Resistance
5.1 Some Symptoms of Subconscious Resistance
5.2 Ideomotor Questioning

6 Willpower Done Right
6.1 Exercise 1 — Fear Vault
6.2 Exercise 2 — Social Reinforcement
6.3 Exercise 3 — Physical Control
6.4 Exercise 4 — Voice of Willpower
6.5 Exercise 5 — Facial Expression
6.6 Exercise 6 — Morphic Resonance

7 Epilogue

The Secret to Awesome Willpower
by Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.
Book $9.95
51 pages in PDF format (13,000 words) published 2016 by
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Ever get the feeling that something in you is broken? That maybe something is missing because you want to do right but just don’t seem to be able to?

All of us feel that way sometimes. We’ve all be subjected to the kind of thinking that says if you want to do something, do it. Use your willpower, for cryin’ out loud.

But there is a real problem with that cultural myth that is so prevalent in Western society. Willpower does not depend on inner strength as much as we’ve been told.